General Overview

MyCityCO2 calculates flash carbon accounts for communities.

A flash carbon account represents an estimate of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions related to the activity of the community over a specified period calculated based on the financial accounts of the communities.

Emissions are presented by 'category' (food, construction, maintenance, transportation, etc.). These categories help identify the main sources of emissions and prioritize actions that can be implemented to reduce these emissions. This estimation is done by combining two different types of data:

  • Financial data of the community as published in the annual administrative accounts account by account according to the M14 nomenclature in euros;
  • Emission factors represent the quantity of greenhouse gases generated by the use of one euro, for example, the quantity of CO2 emitted for 1€ of purchased food.
GHG Emissions


Financial Data

(In euros)

Per Account

Collected in the annual accounts of each community

Emission Factor

(CO2e per euro)

Emission Factor Database

From the Exiobase carbon database

The result is expressed in 'tonnes of CO2 equivalent', that is, in greenhouse gas emissions with a global warming potential equivalent to one kilogram of CO2.